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Comprehensive Health Solutions for Public Health Crises

Current events have highlighted the urgent need for a solution to the data-sharing and consolidation problem that exists in the United States healthcare system.

Today, healthcare data is siloed in claims data and EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems. Often this data is not readily accessible to another point-of-care or to public health officials who are tracking national epidemics and global pandemics. In addition, the tools used by our public health service are outdated and methods for reporting, collection, and analysis of public health data are inadequate, slow, and unreliable. A central connection point for all healthcare data efforts is the fastest and most efficient way to get a large population treated, while aggregating data for continued clinical research. The solution is to implement a system that connects points-of-care (doctors and pharmacists) with payers and appropriate public health authorities, while documenting results in real time, so that our leaders can make the best, most-informed decisions for U.S. patient populations and beyond.

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EHR Data’s Global Facilitator Model

Our primary goal at EHR Data, is to become a global facilitator of patient data, beginning with the United States. By creating a central data repository, we can help healthcare providers and researchers gain access to the information they desperately need to make the best clinical decisions possible.

Patient Portal

It’s time for patients to be in control of their own healthcare data by having easy access to one digital source for all their health information. In collaboration with the blockchain technology experts, nChain, we are setting out to create a digital wallet with the underpinnings of blockchain technology. The primary objectives of this solution, will be to give patients:

  • The ability to control their own data by deciding what they share with chosen providers, researchers, and other healthcare professionals.
  • The opportunity to earn rewards as part of loyalty programs, clinical research efforts, and insurance health initiatives.
  • The peace of mind, knowing their healthcare records are at their fingertips. This can include, vaccination history, clinical laboratory test reports, X-rays, wellness and disease management program information, and more!


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