Meet the EHR Data Team: Ken Hill, R.Ph. Founder and Chairman of the Board

A visionary in the truest sense of the word, Ken brings a bottom-up understanding of the pharmacy industry to every vision for the industry’s future. His strong foundation as a pharmacist and pharmacy owner gives Ken his unique overview of the pharmacy business from bottom to top and end to end. By 1978, Ken’s North Texas pharmacy had adopted new technology that only 3% of pharmacies in the nation were using.

After adopting new technology in his own pharmacy, Ken had the vision to enter the pharmacy software industry himself. His software would then go on to support clients who were responsible for filling 20% of US prescriptions. He turned his early experiences in the industry towards a focus on developing interoperable, patient-centric technology. His uncanny ability to see the big picture while insisting that each detail is scrupulously accounted for is what makes his companies and systems among the most relied-upon in the industry.

Sometimes referred to as a pharmacy “wildcatter,” growing up on his family’s 2000 acre ranch and working long, hot summers gave Ken an early lesson in the value of a hard day’s work and that trusting your team makes all the difference.

Creating EHR Data

Headshot of Ken Hill, R.Ph., Founder and Chairman of the Board

Ken Hill, R.Ph, Founder and Chairman of the Board

After witnessing friends and family members personally affected by opioids, Ken wanted to create a solution to the Opioid Crisis and empower people to be involved and proactive with their overall health and well-being by owning their health data.

EHR Data, Inc.’s mission is to establish a patient-centric approach to the exchange and use of patient healthcare data, thus ensuring patient safety and empowering patients and their continuum of healthcare providers to promote better health outcomes. Ken utilizes his 41 years of healthcare experience, collaboration with nChain, and blockchain/Bitcoin SV technology to create a clinical utility for the standardization and aggregation of portable, interoperable Electronic Healthcare Records.

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*On November 23, 2020, we said goodbye to Ken Hill.
Read the press release regarding his passing.