Global Patient Record

Facilitating global patient data

Imagine if providers, pharmacists, clinical researchers, and public health officials could have one access point for all healthcare data about a patient—they could make better and more informed decisions about patient care resulting in better health outcomes and lower costs.

Leveraging the EHR Data Utility, we are combining disparate silos of healthcare data into one readily accessible Global Patient Record.

A centralized Global Patient Record stores all of a patient’s healthcare data, such as demographics, allergies, genomics, diagnoses, prescriptions, etc.

This record spans healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices to offer an interoperable, real-time patient profile that is permissioned and controlled by the patient.

Patient-facing mobile application that enables:
– Patient engagement, communication, education
– Data gathering (e.g. biometric devices, surveys)
– Patient controls, shares, permissions their health data
– Rewards and loyalty programs (utilizing Bitcoin SV)

The EHR Data Utility is connected into healthcare providers to update global patient health records in real-time, creating one source of truth for patients’ medical history.

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