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Right now, your medical data is spread out, held in dozens of different hands. Doctors. Pharmacists. Lab technicians. Specialists.

Your data is held by almost everyone, except for you.

We are changing that at EHR Data by advocating for patient data ownership and working toward a solution to finally put that data into your hands.

Data ownership means more informed healthcare choices, better decisions and ultimately, greater quality of life.

The goal of the EHR Data platform is to connect into healthcare providers and organizations to update global patient health records in real-time, creating one source of truth for patients’ medical history.


The application is being designed to give patients:

• The ability to control their own data by deciding what they share with chosen providers, researchers, and other healthcare professionals.

• The opportunity to earn rewards as part of loyalty programs, clinical research efforts, and insurance health initiatives.

• The peace of mind, knowing their healthcare records are at their fingertips. This can include, vaccination history, clinical laboratory test reports, X-rays, wellness and disease management program information, and more!

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