the way you use and share data

Leverage our multi-faceted Data Utility, built with blockchain and digital currency technologies to confidently and efficiently aggregate, optimize and understand data from multiple sources.

Make better decisions based on comprehensive and actionable data.

We design, develop, and implement customized solutions to help businesses make better decisions, solve complex challenges, and launch innovative models.

All-In-One Utility

Our multi-faceted Data Utility is the powerful foundation at the core of every solution. Flexible. Adaptive. Agile.

Accessible with a permissioned API, you can take advantage of the Utility’s extensive capabilities for data storage, rules, annotation, notifications, and rewards. The Utility includes built-in auditability and enables you to manage ever changing data requirements.


Customized Solutions

We design, develop and implement customized solutions to help business and government.

Whatever your vision, whatever data challenges you face, let us design and implement a solution to meet your needs.

Single Source of Truth

Incoming and outgoing data is standardized and validated to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and completeness.


Blockchain and Digital Currency

Ensure your data is immutable, trusted and versioned. Plus, reward and engage with digital currency.

Experts in Healthcare Data

Our team brings vast expertise in architecting and implementing innovative data management systems, business process improvement, data integration, security and standards. While our heritage is in healthcare, our core expertise is solving data challenges – in any industry.

Use Case:

Facilitating Global Patient Data

Today, patient data is spread out in data silos that usually don’t communicate with one another. This is inefficient, costly and leads to sub-optimal care. Leveraging our Data Utility, we are combining those disparate silos into one readily accessible Global Patient Record.

EHR Data Utility

A New Type of Database









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